10 Amazing facts about the Internet

Here are 10 Amazing facts about the Internet you need to know :


10. The current numbers of users on the Internet is 2.2 billion! In 2006, this number was only 600 million. So in a decade, the internet users have grown by almost 370%

9. Facebook.com ingests over 500 Terabytes of Data every day. This includes 2.7 million Likes and 300 million photo uploads, daily! (Source – CNet)


8. Up to 40% of all accounts and 8% of all messages on social media sites are created by Spammers. (Source- Bloomberg)


7. Every month, Google, the world’s leading Search engine handles 100 Billion Searches! That equates to almost 40,000 every second. Yes, 40,000!


6. The first Webcam was created at the University of Cambridge, UK. Can you guess what was it used for? Well, they used it to monitor a coffee pot!


5. The world’s first website and web server was launched on August 6th, 1991. It was published by Tim Berbers Lee, and the website URL was Info.cern.ch


4. The world’s most expensive domain name ever sold is Insure.com at $16 million. Sex.com comes next, which was sold for $14 million.


3. Internet usage is highest in Iceland, where 97.8% of its population uses the internet. In USA, it was 78.3%, China 38.4% and North Korea lowest at 0%.


2. Philip M. Parker designed an algorithm that makes Books from info found on the web. The “world’s most prolific author” has created over 200,000 books!


1. How much does the internet weigh? The weight of all information on the internet is 0.2 millionths of an Ounce. That is similar to the weight of the smallest possible grain of sand.


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Internet Sales Tax – What we need to know

If you have been reading the news recently, a frightful concept of Internet Sales Tax has shown up in all media outlets. Yes, the  concept of a universal online taxation is very real but still remains to be ever implemented. Here are some basic facts on this new taxation idea for the internet.

What is Internet Sales Tax?
Internet sales tax is a tax that applies to all merchandises purchased online within the boundaries of the state the purchases are made by internet consumers. Internet sales tax is not considered a tax. Consumers are legally to be paying an internet sales tax, but many retailers are not enforcing the collection of out of state collect of sales tax, due to the many complications.

What are the Reasons for its Existence, and why was it Proposed?
One of the largest retail companies in the world is Amazon, and they are collecting taxes on online purchases by consumers in nine states. Big backers for the tax bill to become law feel that some online shoppers would forego their online shopping and opt for traditional shopping. Other online shoppers do not feel that a tax would affect their shopping. Some companies are required to apply a sales tax on purchases while others are not, and feel this practice is unfair. Sales tax supporters say, with the rise of technology this process is simple with new software, to collect sales tax for purchases online in all states. There has always been sales tax on virtual and physical stores, but sales tax on online purchases were never enforced. There is a law that few consumers are aware of; consumers must keep track of online purchases, tally the sales tax at the end of the year, and declare this on their tax returns.

Who Gets Affected?
If this tax bill passes, it will affect everyone. Those affected are the tax shoppers, the online retailers. Small businesses that have a physical presence making less than $1 million a year will not have to impose an online sales tax. Online retail companies do not want this imposed sales tax applied to online purchases passed into law because each state has varying degrees of taxes. Companies feel it would hurt their profits. Retailers feel this would be a nightmare to calculate at checkout. Many people feel this law will only another tax increase. Alaska, Delaware, Oregon, Montana and New Hampshire are the five states who do not impose a sales tax. However, when these states send online purchases to states that impose the online tax these five states they must add tax to the purchases. Purchases made within these states and shipped within these states will impose no sales tax. Consumers are expected to declare these taxes on their tax return for that year.

Who is Supporting Online Taxing of Sales?
Those who support the passing of a law to impose online sales tax are Stephen Schatz, the National Retail Federation spokesperson, Amazon, Target, all businesses in the physical realm and President Obama.

Who is Against Online Taxing of Sales?
Those against online sales taxes are EBAY’s CEO John Donahoe, Americans for Tax Reform, Conservatives, and Anti-Tax activists.

Companies or Organizations that would benefit from Online Taxing?
This proposed new law would greatly benefit retail companies and states that provide online purchases where a sales tax is recognized. This law would exempt all online businesses and physical businesses whose profits are less than $1 million a year. Imposing this online sales tax would benefit non-profit and educational organizations, religious organizations, and members of the military. States have basically the same exemptions with some variance.

As you can see, the Internet Sales tax is a complex idea which may change our entire online thought process  We have to wait and watch on how this game is played by the leading players and how lawmakers in Washington react to public response and fear.

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In this day and age, having a website is essential to running a business. Cheap web hosting plans can keep website overhead low while increasing brand awareness and customer traffic.

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Unlimited Web Hosting Coupons Makes Web Hosting Affordable

Unlimited Web Hosting Coupons Makes Web Hosting Affordable

In this day and age we are looking for every outlet available to us. Consumers are looking for ways to save money, and saving money on web hosting is no different. It’s important to get online and build a positive image. Online coupons assist with reducing the cost of features or monthly payments. Every business, individual and self-employed freelancer can get a website thanks to Unlimited Web Hosting coupons. It makes websites more appealing and attractive to purchase while keeping it affordable.

In order to use a coupon you have to know what company you want to do business with. Research the company and make sure it has everything included. Read reviews, read lists and ask people in person what to use. Gather an overall consensus of how the general public feels toward this web host site. A coupon can offset the price of features or the monthly charge. It saves money with every code. Find coupons for the chosen web host. Simply type in the web host name along with the word coupons and there are plenty listed.

Coupons, on the other hand, have their limitations. It comes in code form or is automatically added at checkout. Coupons allow entry into the site with a reduced price or rate. How long the coupon last is another thing. Online coupons have a shelf life like printable ones. The discount can last as short as a month to as long as a year. Read the coupon and the fine print carefully. Read the site when the coupon is activated to make sure there are no changes between the date it was activated to the time it was used. When the coupon is expired the full price must be paid for the feature or monthly total (unless you find another coupon).

At XonHost we know that consumers want as much as possible without sacrificing affordability. There are coupons available that cover some of the total cost or offer a percentage off of features. Other times we offer sales by reducing the cost of our features or the total price for a limited time. We always make sure there’s a way for our customers to save money. Contact us for more information on the latest coupons and sales.

What Cheap cPanel Web Hosting Can Do For You

When choosing a web hosting plan, it’s important to consider the features that are included. How reliable is it, and what is the limit on storage space and band width? How good is the quality and support, and how user friendly is the interface? More hosting companies than ever are now using cPanel as their user control panel interface, and for good reason.

Short for control panel, cPanel is a graphic interface that allows you to easily manage your website from anywhere. cPanel contains icons and shortcuts that let you navigate easily between applications. The clean, intuitive interface is designed to give you full control for efficient site administration. cPanel has video tutorials to show you how to use its many functions, which includes the following:

Getting Started Wizard will walk you step-by-step through the initial configuration of your account. The wizard includes tutorials and other useful information, making cPanel ideal for beginners, as well as more experienced webmasters.

Manage email Accounts. There are a variety of built-in interfaces you can use to check your email from any device, using any web browser. Auto-responders and email forwarding can also be configured. cPanel includes powerful anti-spam filters which can analyze incoming email for source and content, and compare it against lists of known spammers.

Manage and Add Domains, sub-domains and parked domains with ease.

File Manager gives you complete control of your website content. The Web Disk feature lets you drag and drop files into your account. There are tools to easily manage FTP accounts and file uploads and transfers, including setting security restrictions to protect your site.

MySQL software lets you easily manage all of your database tasks. You can create databases and manually edit tables, all from within cPanel.

Backup Wizard makes data backup easy and convenient. Data can be downloaded to your computer, or sent to another server using FTP.

If you have been thinking about starting a website, there is no reason to wait. With FastWebHost you can have cheap cpanel web hosting with plenty of room to grow. We are the best value in the industry. Starting at only $3.99 per month, you will have unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer service and 99.9% server uptime. The cPanel user interface, and included software packages, supply you with everything you need to easily set up and run all aspects of your website.

cPanel Web Hosting Management: Among the Best There Is

There are many items to consider when choosing a web hosting service.  Along with 99% up-time, great customer service, and a variety of features, you will need software that gives you easy access to your web hosting account features. This software is called web host management software, and will make a big difference with your overall experience.

A web hosting service has a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to web hosting management software. Among the best is cPanel.  Here is a quick list of what makes cPanel so great:

  • It is stable.  cPanel has been well done, and they have been around since 1997.
  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • The features in the user interface are broken up into categories to make it easier to find a particular feature.
  • You can go to their website and play with a live demo.
  • It offers a ton of features such as email, auto responders, a variety of logs, easy domain management, database management , and they even still offer Frontpage extensions.
  • cPanel makes it easy to manage each feature it offers.
  • The company is always making cPanel even better then it already is.

You might be wondering why it is so important to have great web hosting management software.  Basically, the web hosting service can offer all the features they want, but if you don’t have easy access to these features they will be all for not.

When it is time for you to go shopping for a web hosting service, look for someone who has cPanel installed on their web servers.  It will make a world of difference.

FastWebHosting offers feature rich cPanel web hosting and more.

Keeping Your WordPress Installation Safe with restricted IP access

If you have ever had your WordPress website hacked into then you know the work involved to clean up a malicious website. In some cases you are left starting all over. To help protect yourself against attacks it is important that you take a few precautions.

A quick and easy way to protect your new FastWebHost WordPress website is by securing your /wp-admin/ directory. You can lock it down by only allowing specific IP addresses to access this directory. So if you were at a random Starbucks that had WiFi you wouldn’t be able to login because their IP address is not on your safe list (unless of course you add them).

You can use the following .htaccessfile code.
AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName “Access Control”
AuthType Basic
order deny,allow
deny from all
# whitelist home IP address
allow from 11.222.333.44
# whitelist work IP address
allow from 22.333.333.44
allow from 33.222.333.44
# IP while in Kentucky; delete when back
allow from 44.222.333.44

In the above file the random numbers after the “allow from” lines would be replaced with the IP addresses you would like to whitelist. You can find your IP address by going to IPChicken.com

A second time you should follow is to make a blank wp-content/plugins/index.html file. This will ensure that no one knows what plugins you are using. Some hackers are able to get into your site by exploiting an out of date plugin.

About the Author:

Chris Foerster is an author for My News. Over the course of his career he has consulted for a number of companies to help them with their internet presence.

Cloud Hosting Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

In the highly competitive corporate world, the race goes on and companies keep on migrating to managed cloud services. Eventually, every organization with its activities on computers and on the internet would have to migrate to the cloud in order to maximize their operational profits. The ones that do it first, benefit the most. While, you may be aware of the benefits of cloud hosting services for large major corporations or start up businesses, 5 cloud hosting benefits for small and medium businesses are discussed below:

Pay as you go

Most small and medium businesses may or may not need specific software solutions and IT solutions at particular instances. Usually they do not have the capital to invest in long term solutions that incur regular operating costs but do not necessarily generate profits. Cloud hosting services offered by companies such as Netcloud are on a pay as you go basis. They may use the services whenever they need a dedicated server, online storage or excessive processing power and halt using it as soon as their job is done.

Work from Remote Locations

A workplace is a luxury that every business can simply not afford. Specially, in the current times, when employees demand more from their employers, it is difficult to establish a desirable workplace with very limited resources. Instead small and medium businesses could allow their employees to work from their homes or other places using the virtualized technology. This considerably decreases the operating costs of a business.


It may be expensive for small businesses to provide communication facilities to each employee such as a cell phone or a dedicated line in office. Also, when multiple people are working on the same project, it becomes a hassle when the file is sent from one person to the other to get updated and the process is repeated back and forth. Instead, the documents could be uploaded on a single server which is accessible to all employees to increase collaboration between the employees and work in better synchronization.


While buying IT infrastructure, organizations often buy more than their requirements are simply because their requirements may increase in the future. In case, they are not, the additional resources are wasted. A small or medium business that is in the growth phase does not have the liberty to spend in resources that it would not need. Cloud hosting allows them to purchase only what is required by the company. The capacity of processing power and data storage provided by a cloud hosting service can be increased in a matter of minutes; therefore, it would not be a hassle to facilitate the business when it grows.

IT Resources

A small or medium business might not necessarily fall in the category of the IT sector. In such a scenario, it could take considerable resources of the company to hire IT employees. By outsourcing the IT functions to a cloud hosting service, such businesses can not only save space and resources but dedicate all their focus towards their business goals.

How Cloud Hosting Provides Cost-Effective Web Hosting Solutions

Before being made available in the website hosting scenario, cloud hosting had already gathered household attention from the world-wide-web. Web owners eagerly awaited the introduction of cloud hosting as it was certain that this advent in modern day technology was set to revolutionize the online world. Currently, cloud hosting remains the most impressive web hosting solution which is transforming the world-wide-web on a daily basis.

In the online hosting scenario, cloud hosting servers have lately earned the reputation of being the real heroes. These servers aren’t like any average physical server which hosts customers’ websites. These servers are instead a whole group of servers functioning together. This allows the group of servers to avoid common problems such as traffic overload, network fluctuations, server crashes or any other disastrous issues which are always threatening to a website’s performance.

Customers have an incredible ease in managing their websites with a Windows Cloud Hosting server operating system. Faster performances, reliability and complete flexibility all become the part of your online venture with an added level of security. All of these conveniences are considered a dream for a web owner.

The foremost advantages of cloud hosting are its cost-effectiveness and high productivity. Not only SMEs but upscale businesses can also enjoy complete flexibility by availing the benefits of cloud computing as it can be easily implemented within their services since there is no stress of building and maintaining infrastructure which would support the servers. All of these aspects are covered by the hosting service and conveniently accessible from all around the world through a system which is connected to the world-wide-web.

For a newbie looking to start an online business, cloud hosting is considered a gift from the heavens as it doesn’t ask for excessive expenditure in order to start from scratch. Within a very convenient price range, the business owner can host his site across a server that provides everything he would ever need.

In terms of web hosting, cloud hosting servers are experiencing exceptional growth as more and more web owners are being attracted towards them due to all the benefits these servers provide. They are considered the best web hosting solutions and this isn’t just because of their cost-effectiveness. Cloud hosting servers provide freedom to all the websites which they host. This means that despite any technological mishaps within the cloud itself such as crashes, downtime, excessive traffic or network issues, all the websites which are hosted on these servers never suffer. Furthermore, all sorts of technological errors are dealt with in a matter of minutes by the other servers which are present in the same cloud.

Cloud hosting servers offer you a wide variety of options including virtual, dedicated, private as well as shared servers. These servers provide a wide variety of performance attributes to the business sites of web masters and aid them exactly as per their requirements. Cloud hosting services are available to customers worldwide in a number of forms including infrastructure, platform as well as software.

Benefits of Unlimited Web Hosting

If you work with a single domain or more than a single domain, and are planning to buy more domain names ahead then the best option for you would be unlimited web hosting. Getting more traffic will ultimately benefit your website through this plan, which will be very beneficial for your business from the marketing prospect.

The benefits of unlimited web hosting are in fact, unlimited. First of all, an unlimited web hosting package can be bought for as cheap as $10 per month, which is a very convenient option for your pocket. You will find a number of web hosting services providing unlimited web hosting options for your business, but only some of these will be providing cost-effective solutions along with exceptional services. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep all aspects in check before making the choice as reliability is something that should never be compromised. You can get to know about services through online forums and blogs.

Web hosting services provide a long list of benefits and solutions. You will find all of their services provided just for your convenience. Some of these include live chat, online as well as telephone support and emailing system. These will help you out in solving all of your technical and non-technical, basically all your issues and queries.

Whether your business is small or big, your website on the world-wide-web is your identity which will attract customers from all markets. And this website, with the help of unlimited web hosting, will only cost you a small fortune and low investment, regardless of which service you opt for as all unlimited web hosting solutions are typically cheap and pocket-friendly. The best choice for you, if you are set to run an E commerce website would be a dedicated IP address which would work ideally for you with a number of benefits.

The companies which provide unlimited web hosting services for businesses and their online websites usually have plans that revolve around a number of options such as unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth hosting, domain, database storage which can accommodate a very vast amount of data. Combined with FTP accounts which offer limitless storage amenities such as ample space for your common files including music, videos, pictures and photos, you don’t have to worry about running out of space for your website. You will require a higher bandwidth if the traffic on your website increases, but that can also be found in unlimited web hosting solutions. These will provide search engine optimization and other important factors as well to make way for uninterrupted website performance which will ultimately work for your website

The benefits of unlimited web hosting are endless and all of them can prove to take your business to new heights. With the rest of the businesses also availing all of these solutions which unlimited web hosting is bringing, there is no reason why you should give up or not try unlimited web hosting as an option for your website.