Cloud Hosting Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

Cloud Hosting Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

In the highly competitive corporate world, the race goes on and companies keep on migrating to managed cloud services. Eventually, every organization with its activities on computers and on the internet would have to migrate to the cloud in order to maximize their operational profits. The ones that do it first, benefit the most. While, you may be aware of the benefits of cloud hosting services for large major corporations or start up businesses, 5 cloud hosting benefits for small and medium businesses are discussed below:

Pay as you go

Most small and medium businesses may or may not need specific software solutions and IT solutions at particular instances. Usually they do not have the capital to invest in long term solutions that incur regular operating costs but do not necessarily generate profits. Cloud hosting services offered by companies such as Netcloud are on a pay as you go basis. They may use the services whenever they need a dedicated server, online storage or excessive processing power and halt using it as soon as their job is done.

Work from Remote Locations

A workplace is a luxury that every business can simply not afford. Specially, in the current times, when employees demand more from their employers, it is difficult to establish a desirable workplace with very limited resources. Instead small and medium businesses could allow their employees to work from their homes or other places using the virtualized technology. This considerably decreases the operating costs of a business.


It may be expensive for small businesses to provide communication facilities to each employee such as a cell phone or a dedicated line in office. Also, when multiple people are working on the same project, it becomes a hassle when the file is sent from one person to the other to get updated and the process is repeated back and forth. Instead, the documents could be uploaded on a single server which is accessible to all employees to increase collaboration between the employees and work in better synchronization.


While buying IT infrastructure, organizations often buy more than their requirements are simply because their requirements may increase in the future. In case, they are not, the additional resources are wasted. A small or medium business that is in the growth phase does not have the liberty to spend in resources that it would not need. Cloud hosting allows them to purchase only what is required by the company. The capacity of processing power and data storage provided by a cloud hosting service can be increased in a matter of minutes; therefore, it would not be a hassle to facilitate the business when it grows.

IT Resources

A small or medium business might not necessarily fall in the category of the IT sector. In such a scenario, it could take considerable resources of the company to hire IT employees. By outsourcing the IT functions to a cloud hosting service, such businesses can not only save space and resources but dedicate all their focus towards their business goals.

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