Here are 10 Amazing facts about the Internet you need to know :


10. The current numbers of users on the Internet is 2.2 billion! In 2006, this number was only 600 million. So in a decade, the internet users have grown by almost 370%

9. ingests over 500 Terabytes of Data every day. This includes 2.7 million Likes and 300 million photo uploads, daily! (Source – CNet)


8. Up to 40% of all accounts and 8% of all messages on social media sites are created by Spammers. (Source- Bloomberg)


7. Every month, Google, the world’s leading Search engine handles 100 Billion Searches! That equates to almost 40,000 every second. Yes, 40,000!


6. The first Webcam was created at the University of Cambridge, UK. Can you guess what was it used for? Well, they used it to monitor a coffee pot!


5. The world’s first website and web server was launched on August 6th, 1991. It was published by Tim Berbers Lee, and the website URL was


4. The world’s most expensive domain name ever sold is at $16 million. comes next, which was sold for $14 million.


3. Internet usage is highest in Iceland, where 97.8% of its population uses the internet. In USA, it was 78.3%, China 38.4% and North Korea lowest at 0%.


2. Philip M. Parker designed an algorithm that makes Books from info found on the web. The “world’s most prolific author” has created over 200,000 books!


1. How much does the internet weigh? The weight of all information on the internet is 0.2 millionths of an Ounce. That is similar to the weight of the smallest possible grain of sand.


Watch these facts from video on MSN here (Original source)